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R-Evolution - Style : Boramy Viguier, young french designer invited to GucciFest

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Spotted during the lvmh prize and andam competitions, boramy viguier, a 30-year-old french designer, has been selected by alessandro michele to take part in the digital festival guccifest. this is not surprising when we see his inspirations, mixing the mystical and the spiritual with a couture spirit.(interview)when we arrive at the presentation of the spring/ summer 2021 collection, mannequins are positioned in circles, smoke wafts and loud music takes us in a peculiar universe...(interview)interview with boramy viguier, designeri don’t know if we are very free, we are driven by forces that are beyond us, and what interests me, rather, is knowing what type of style emanates from this lack of freedom.the idea was to have a trend of rituals. i really like communions, they run through our lives. it’s like in the fashion world, because in a way, a fashion show is a ritual, like a fashion presentation, we all meet in one place.there are capes, long tunics. some are inspired by priests’ albs. it’s funny to think that on a man, this seems monastic, whereas on a woman, it feels like a dress, a skirt, a sort of drapery. i find it funny how our brains envisage ideas about the same items of clothing.we live in an age in which there are serious issues, terrible things happening, i don’t know if they are more severe than before. after that, it is up to us to either be witnesses or fighters. we live in an age with less spiritualisation, we are very pragmatic in a sense, in the act of purchasing, that goes for everything, and that’s why i like to be inspired by local rituals. they go against the main consumer rules of our time.musique issued from the presentation of boramy viguier- (only to be used in the context of this report, covered under the right to information)