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Decoding: Exclusive interview with Andrea Della Valle (CEO of Hogan)

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During this health and economic crisis, italian brand hogan chose to reinvent its approach to work, particularly in its next collection. president andrea della valle sheds some light on this.interview andrea della valle:how did this health and economic crisis influence the company’s work?“it allowed us to concentrate sales not only categories but also the distribution channel, focusing on e-commerce, a real turning point. this allowed us to keep our positive tendencies, while limiting unsold products”how can you describe the new collection?“we focused on our archives, our heritage, hogan’s strength. we started with our iconic models, reinterpreting them with a contemporary touch, to speak to the next generations.”what are the values of the hogan house that you want to highlight?“quality and contemporaneity are fundamental. then our heritage mixed with innovation, because heritage alone is not enough. with innovation, we have modernity. four words which together form one: timelessness. this is hogan’s recurring theme.”how to do better, differently and less?“now is not the time for frivolity. it’s time to invest in quality products and durability. this is what hogan has always done and will continue to do. henceforth, supply may exceed demand. therefore, we must give it time, avoiding the rush towards the latest novelty of the season. previous collections risk tiring the consumer out instead of stimulating them.”do you think that fashion needs to reinvent itself? be more ethical and sustainable?“when you have a beautiful, great story behind you like ours, you don’t need to reinvent yourself, but instead focus on transparency, trust and quality. and today, more than ever, sustainability. our company has always and will continue, to believe in these values, thinking particularly about generations to come.”music from the show (to use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)