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R-Evolution Green : Marion Cotillard & Chopard, a collection that symbolises a new ethical jewellery

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The actress marion cotillard has collaborated with chopard, and we asked ourselves: could the chopard fashion house be an example of ethical luxury?(interview)to answer their questions, the list of their commitments grows year after year, from the member of the responsible jewellers council, to the production of 100% certified, fair-minded and ethical gold, chopard strives to be exemplary, down to the choice of its actresses.for example, marion cotillard, committed activist to the ecological cause, who has just produced a fine jewellery set.(interview)it is therefore ethical gold, of 18 carats and set with diamonds, which makes earrings and the ring of the collection ‘ice cube by marion cotillard’, allowing chopard to combine their commitment and their link with cinema, while proposing a new concept of sustainable jewellery. interview with celine wackie-eysten, head of international communication :we are lucky enough to be a family company, and we were able to commit quite early on, in 2010, to ethical luxury. it is an important issue for our copresidents, and the situation demands it. also, with our proximity to actresses, who started to ask questions.she could not fathom making unethical jewellery and chopard was the right company to work with. she has lived through it with us, as we have this engagement, and the capacity to produce in-house, so we started to work on this collection. for her, it was a sine qua non to use only ethical materials.it is very important for her to have something that is not fixed, not just a pair of earrings, but something with which the person can, according to their desires, the day they wear their look, adapt it and have versatility. this was vital even for those who do not have pierced ears, as in marion’s case, which posed a small difficulty for our workshops because they have never designed, in fine jewellery, clip-on earrings, so this also was a challenge