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R-Evolution Style : Céline Daoust, talisman style jewellery!

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She moves between brussels, paris and jaipur. céline d’aoust, of belgian origin, has established herself for 11 years, in the world of jewellery, with solar inspired creations, worked with softness and delicacy. jewellery to wear in an uninhibited manner, like talismans!interview with céline d'aoust:i like to start with stones and then draw around them. so, there are lots of unique pieces and i also like peculiar stones, like grey diamonds, for example, or watermelon tourmaline. each is unique and so, for me, they each tell a story. and that is what interests me.i like the symbol of hands, for me it’s more about the mudra hand. in india, mudras are different positions of the hand that heal or relieve. it’s the hand that gives and receives, the hand that protects. therefore, i find the hand to be very symbolically strong. then there is always the eye, which also represents protection, then the opening of the third eye. i like stars, so there are many, many moons, suns, stars.upon graduating and working in the fashion industry, i realised that it was not a pace that suited me. everything was too fast, and i realised i am not a fast-paced person. i like when everything is nice and slow. i like to create things that will stay with time.when i draw or when i create jewellery, when i am at the workbench, it is as though i am in a meditative state, so it is more than a job, and i think that that is how we establish ourselves. we do what we love, and we are aligned with our hearts.