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L'Oréal Paris - Women's Spring/Summer 2020 collection in Paris (avec interviews)

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The third edition of the l’oréal paris runway show was held at the paris mint in the middle of fashion week and celebrated women’s diversity and empowerment through beauty and fashion. 600 guests were invited for a unique show, open to the public with the sounds of 40 musicians and with exceptional celebrities both on the catwalk and in the front row.with interviews:delphine viguier-hovasse (international chief officer of l’oréal paris):so, this is the third edition of the l’oréal paris show and the message we want to convey is very simple for me, it’s « democratising excellence ». what i wanted to share with my consumers, my customers and the women all over the world who see us, is makeup and hairstyling excellence and showing them all the inspiring women. l’oréal paris is a luxurious but accessible brand. liya kebede:it’s always a chance to be among all the women that l’oréal represents. and i find that they have always been a brand that celebrates different beauties, ages, women and men. eva longoria:it’s been great, i’ve been with l’oréal for 15 years now and so to be with a company that really believes in self-worth of women, it’s not about a lipstick or a mascara, they really believe that women should find their value in life, whether it’s at work or in relationships, whatever that is, the because you’re worth it, “parce que vous le valez bien”, is important, it’s a battle cry, it’s something that means more than beauty and so i’ve been very proud to be an ambassador of a company that understands that and promotes that.it’s a message to women that you can balance everything. i’m a mum but i also work and so really incorporating my son into my daily routine, life and job is important to me.amber heard:i feel great, i didn’t fall!andie macdowell:i had so much fun. i really felt comfortable, i wasn’t worried about anything, i had fun. it was a pleasure. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).