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Rosazucena, The Natural and Organic Franco-Argentinian cosmetics company

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The world is searching for meaning, with labels engaging with responsible and ethical approaches. this is the case in the world of cosmetics, especially with rosazucena, launched in 2005 by azucena pagny, who had the idea of using the benefits of the musk rose of patagonia and the know-how of french craftsmen and artisans. with interview of téodora iankova, porte-parole de rosazucena. all of our products are created, formulated with a base of mosqueta rose oil. it’s an oil which is obtained on site from patagonia, and it’s a plant called the rosa canina (dog rose) to be more precise, it’s the rosa mosqueta, and we pick the fruits of this plant. you should/have to know that all the plants grow wild, there’s no human intervention, which means that there are years where there’s less fruit, so we’re extremely dependent on nature. above all what she wants, is to work with the manufacturers and french formulators and so it’s therefore a marriage between france and argentina and more precisely patagonia. azunena is maybe the most french of the argentinians. using that in great quantities, in the formulas, it’s very delicate, because afterwards it’s complicated to stabilise, to stabilise the formula. meaning that the cream or the serum must not go off, that’s the difficulty. lots of clients buy oil and they tell me there’s a problem and well, there is no problem, we simply did not want to get rid of the colour and smell, because with refinement, you lose all the virtues of the product. all we want is organic products and it’s not certification which drives us, it’s the monsieur and madam pagny way of living, it’s a philosophy of life.