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Emilio Pucci- Collection Spring/Summer 2015 in Milan (with interview)

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The 70s never cease to inspire the designers and especially peter dundas who revisited the era for the summer collection at emilio pucci. we saw the influence throughout the collection, with flared trousers, crochet dresses and vibrant colours. there was lots of macramé embroidery work on the close fitting dresses and the lace was covered in rhinestones, diamantes and featured sensual open backs. the iconic pucci prints were shown on many designs as well as tie-dye prints on the stunning long, strappy, chiffon dresses, worn by naomi campbell who made an incredible appearance on the catwalk. emilio pucci celebrates optimism this summer with sensuality! peter dundas : i work with a brand that is about joy, and for me it’s little but like a language as well, i think that fashion should be about dreaming, it should be about smiling, it should make you feel good.i started with colour; i really wanted to work with colour this time. some seasons i don’t think about colour, but this time it was almost like a hunger, almost physical. i had the chance to work with weavers who make these amazing colours so i’m a little bit spoilt, i really took advantage of them. it’s frustrating because i’m a child from the 70s but i don’t remember much of the era, and it was a period that i’ve always found very sensual, it had a certain vibe that i really liked, so i took that a bit further for today, but in essence it’s part of me, it’s my language. laudomia pucci : i love the mix of fluidity and structure, because it’s a little bit of everything, but i think that it’s a very, very beautiful balance, very pucci and very new at the same time because in milan, you could say that this season is very backward looking, it’s very much orientated around the past, the 70s etc…, it’s clear but i think it’s also modern with a new interpretation.music from the show.