Thom Browne Spring Summer Collection 2014 in New York (ITW)

Thom Browne is the only designer to reinvent the idea of the fashion show today, by forever pursuing his ideas and by creating wonderful productions, a break from reality and this fashion week where it is more a question of analyzing the shows…The models walk ever so softly, frequently halting, allowing everybody to take in every single detail. The designer’s overflowing and inexhaustible imagination reaches beyond the clothes. The pieces were produced around a white theme allowing a better view of the finished designs. The versatile lace gives an outdated look that leans towards sensuality. Volume, which is very important for the designer, reinforces this idea of taking the time to imagine every tiny detail. An incredible collection, almost unrealistic, makes this next season preview even more memorable.

Thom Browne: The collection was loosely based on Elizabethan clowns, and I say ‘loosely’ based because it really was very loose, and set it in an insane asylum so I thought it would be funny and interesting to put the really serious clothing next to all this crazy craziness. There sometimes become limits but never in regards to what I want to do. I wanted to really challenge by trying to get forty very different looking things into a collection that was all white and also the beauty of the textural differences in all the whites that I thought was really beautiful. It’s very romantic and very feminine but I also wanted to make sure it wasn’t too precious and that’s why the mix of the rubber fabrics and the latex paint and all the latex, by mixing it all we make sure that’s it’s not all too perfect.

Music from the show

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