Jul 28, 2022
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Top 5 Sandals - Spring/Summer 23 (Livetrend)

Jul 28, 2022

Bold Beachin’ Over the pandemic, the slide has become a staple footwear style. From the most fashionable to the most homey clients, the piece was not to be missed in a home-based wardrobe and became more sophisticated and opened up to experimentation. Now, slides and sandals are returning to their usual territory: the beach.

With a need for water-resistance and sturdiness, jelly and rubber slides become essential for a successful assortments again. Preparing us for an enchanting season, beach sandals are opting for exciting details and more fashionable features. References range from the 70s to the 2000s and even spark a futuristic vibe, find out more below. – The data in this report shows the evolution of searches year on year on summer season.

Sleeker Staples. The clog has become a favorite over recent seasons, as 70’s themes have amplified their presence across the market. Now, the style is taking a shift towards a cleaner and more futuristic look. In virtual bold colors the rubber clog becomes a bold reminder of genderless utility that is ready for the beaches of the metaverse. The more refined outlines and glossy finish of the look emphasize the appeal of the current digital wave to perform well on and off screens. Credits: @hunter, @papermagazine, @iliosmeraldo, @melissaofficial, @ganni, @simonmiller

Sassy Summer. The Millennial aesthetic is ready to influence beach sandals with the same frivolous appeal and uncompromising fun of the good old days. As a reminder of girl groups and Bratz dolls, the platform returns for fashionable, younger cohorts in more and more exciting heights. The fun and girly shoe gives aspiring cover girls a thick-sole look – impossible to go unnoticed! Credits: @shopbop, @brownshoes,  @lemonjelly, @simonmiller, @jeffreycampbell, @byfar

Walking On Air. Flip Flops are the most iconic beach sandal and are looking far beyond the basics for SS23. Updated, the fluffy flip flop is the ultimate trend choice to enhance a classical summer staple with an interesting twist. The airy volume emphasizes the appeal of lightness and comfort and comes intubular, puffed-up straps. The style appeals to consumers who look for form and function equally and the more bulky, the more edgy the shoe can be. Credits: @isabelmarant, @hereu, @flattered, @yumeyume, @reikenen, @axelarigato

A Kidult Moment. Fisherman sandals remind us of our childhood and its associated ease and playfulness. The classic jelly sandal has already shown up across past summer runways and social media feeds and begins to evolve into a more commercial trend. The joyful look is not just functional, to avoid unpleasant underwater encounters, but bold color-ways, chunky lugsoles or glitzy designs enhance the exciting summer look and promises to become a fashion favorite for next season. Prada rubber fisherman sandal has demonstrate the higher interest with +400% searches from the beginning of 2022. Credits: @charleskeith, @meduseofficial, @igorshoes, @freepeople, @laveste, @meduseoriginal

An Edgy Fashion Provocation. For SS23, the edgiest and most fashion-forward client will look for molded foam slides that seem to emerge from an otherworldly space. Based on organic forms and an engineered dimensionality,  this slide can be closed, open toe or even sandal-like. A thick, wavy sole is key and an almost disturbing surface appearance takes us to question our aesthetic fixations. For consumers this slide can feel brave, bold and liberating all at once. However, the product’s niche remains rather small in magnitude, yet successful for cutting-edge and luxury-inspired cohorts. Credits: @axelarigato, @merrel, @bumbaylola, @freepeople, @balenciaga, @ambush

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