Style: are the French savvier than the British?

Only 6% of French women and 20% of French men stated they don't identify at all, or not very much, with fashion, while 46% of British women and 74% of British men declared so. Also, 21% of British women and 23% of British men actually stated their current look was 'no style' while, of the styles listed, French women and men (respectively 28% and 24% of them) described themselves chiefly as being 'streetwear'.

Fashion purchase drivers and inspirations (charts available only in French) - Shopcade

These were the results of a survey by British online fashion and beauty sales website Shopcade, which has recently launched in France. The survey shed some light on purchasing behaviour in both countries.

All of the four population segments surveyed chose a style primarily for the purpose 'of being themselves', and by and large spent less than €100 and devoted less than one hour per day to shopping.

How would you define your current look? - Shopcade

However, marked differences came to light in terms of item selection. In the UK, the prime reason to choose an item is its cut, for 45% of women and 47% of men. In French, originality is the main motivator, according to 33% of women and 34% of men. As for the search for directional items, it goes chiefly through the web, for 36% of British women and 25% of British men. But while 43% of French women do the same, 49% of French men actually draw inspiration from the looks of stars and personalities.

Translated by Nicola Mira

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