Foot Locker soon to launch Sneakerpedia

Foot Locker is going to launch an interactive platform dedicated to – what else – sneakers. The website, named, already exists but it is yet to be launched. It will allow sneaker lovers to create a profile, post comments, photos or even share stories with other fans. It will be a sort of midway between Wikipedia and a social network.

Sneakerpedia Trailer from Sneakerpedia on Vimeo.

The Beta version will be launched on December 8th and it will initially only be available to Sneakers collectors around the world, who “in a way were the founding members of the project”, said Foot Locker. From January 2011 onwards, the website will become accessible to all members of the public.

Sneakerpedia will allow the brand to boost, in an original manner, its popularity and credibility. The challenge is no easy feat: create the largest ever database dedicated to trainers.

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